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This Can’t Be It…Exposing What’s Missing

So often our ministry is found where our misery has been.  My eating disorder began in high school and took deeper roots in college.  It was my misery.   My heart aches when I look back to the younger me and remember the pain, isolation, and hopelessness that encompassed those dark days.  After many years of treatment and learning to love myself again, the time came where I knew I had been commissioned to share my hope and story.  It’s my empathy and compassion for those with eating disorders that propels me to reach out to those in search of recovery.

In 2003,  I first became aware of my calling to help other women; I earnestly prayed for a platform – a place to start.   I was given the words, A Hunger for Something Greater as the answer to my questions of why we struggle with eating AND what do we do about it.


If you’re battling an eating disorder, could it be that your food struggles are symptoms of a void?  You want more from this life and you turn to food as an answer.   Do you ever say to yourself, “This can’t be it!”

That emptiness, that yearning you have deep within; it’s there by design  – You have a hunger for something GREATERNot a physical hunger but a spiritual one – one that has never quite been satisfied.

Food only offers a temporary fix to a spiritual void.  This is good news because you have hope.  An eating disorder is not your identity.  You were made for a purpose – a divine purpose, created by a majestic creator.  Don’t settle anymore for empty places – invite God to begin filling up the voids.

Blaise Pascal said it perfectly,

“There is a God shaped vacuum in the heart of every man which cannot be filled by any created thing, but only by God, the Creator, made known through Jesus.”

For we know, that no matter what we go after to find fulfillment, the only thing {One} who will satisfy is JESUS!  

God’s will for you is to be a healthy servant who can witness of his healing power.  His freedom is for you!  The Hunger for GREATER  blog is the outlet where I will share my struggles and how God met me right there – in the middle of it all.

May God guide and direct your path to freedom!

**And if you know someone who in the trenches with an eating disorder, please point them in my direction. God is ABLE!



1 thought on “This Can’t Be It…Exposing What’s Missing”

  1. It’s wonderful that you’ve started this blog. My husband and I experienced first hand the heartache of anorexia several years ago when our then 15 year old daughter became anorexic. Our story has a happy ending as she is now a healthy, vibrant 28 year old wife and mother. I’m looking forward to following you in your blogging journey!
    Your Compel sister in Christ,
    Rebecca Berschwinger

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